Located between Garda, the Mincio and the Po, Mantova was home to the Gonzaga dynasty and one of the production areas of Lambrusco.
Since Roman times, the wild vines (ruscus) that grew on the edges (labrum) of cultivated fields were known by the name Labrusca Vitis.
The winemaking tradition in the southern part of the Mantovan province dates back to the times of the Benedictines, who imposed on those who worked their lands a tax in the form of wine. So while wine production began as early as 1100, modern viticulture was born in the 1900s following the invasion of phylloxera, which destroyed the vines.
Business soon began to boom and farmers set up seven wineries between 1902 and 1958. It was during this period that Lino Lebovitz began his business, laying the foundations for today’s winery. Between 1950 and 1960 the farm land to the right of the Oglio and Po rivers was gradually converted, while the areas to the left of the Po and beyond were used for vine cultivation.
These have been the production areas of Lambrusco mantovano since 1987 when they were given Controlled Designation of Origin DOC recognition.

Main Lanbrusco mantovano grape varieties


The traditional grape variety of the Mantovan area. Similar to Ruberti, it gives the wine a wonderful intense ruby red colour with bright violet hues.


The Mantuan Oltrepo vine. Its wild nature is recognisable in both taste and aroma, with hints of currants, strawberries and violets


With its typical delicate scent and aroma of wild fruits, it is best consumed young. The grape gives the wine a vivacious brightness.


While providing the organoleptic characteristics of wild red fruits and flowers, here the milder flavours of raspberry, cherry and blackberry predominate.


A typical grape variety of Modena, it is also used in the Mantova area for its delicate fragrance and pale, almost bright pink colour.


Although not a Lambrusco it is used in blending for its ability to balance the characteristics of the other varieties, adding harmony to the end product. A further peculiarity is its very dark colour.

Characteristics of Lambrusco Mantovano DOP

Lambrusco Mantovano is a sparkling table wine with an intense ruby red colour, and a minimum alcohol content of 10°. It is intense, vinous and fruity on the nose, with a sweet, smooth, rather fresh, slightly tannic, savory and moderately balanced flavour. To be savoured to the full, it is best drunk with fairly structured foods such as first courses, roasts or grilled meats.
We recommend using glasses for red wines suitable to be drunk chilled, at a temperature of between 10 °C and 14 °C. Being a very young wine, it is best enjoyed within a year or two of bottling.

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